Intervju med Joe List

Vi har pratet med ukens headliner, Joe List, om hvilken by som er morsomst av New York og LA. Om hvordan det er å reise rundt med sin kone, som også er komiker, og også gjør showet her i Bergen. Om hvor mye turist han kan være når han gjør standup rundt omkring i verden og USA og om Ari Shaffir eller noen av de andre komikerne som har vært på Ricks har sagt fine ting om klubben vår :)

First time in Bergen - what the hell have you gotten yourself into?

I'm hoping I've gotten myself into an enjoyable situation but now you're making me think again. Is Bergen bad? It looks lovely. Do they not laugh? Oh god. I'm terrified now. I'm not coming

You've been to Oslo - how was that? And do you remember the show?

I've been to Oslo a couple times now. I loved it both times. I love traveling internationally. I remember the shows being fun and enjoyable but I also remember feeling like I didn't kill. It was just pretty good. Hopefully it will be better this time.

When you travel, do you get to experience the places you go, or is it partly ruined by the shows you are going to do, and the preperation and all that.

- I feel like I do a good job of seeing a lot of sites and the culture when I travel. Doing shows makes it a little more difficult for sure because you have to get yourself into performance mode but I try to do my best with both.

You travel with your wife, who is also a brilliant comedian. Is that more and more common nowadays? Or are you still mostly travelling alone.

- I travel with my wife a lot. But probably only about half the time. I'd like to be able to travel with her a little more often. Everything is better when you're with your partner. Except for bowel movements. That's better solo.

Do you have any norwegian fans of your podcast "Tuesdays with Stories"?

- I believe we have some podcast fans in Norway. Hopefully we'll make some new ones this weekend as well.

You didn't support Louis CK when he did his show in Oslo on his last tour. Why didn't he bring any support comics on that show?

I'm not sure when that Louis tour was. That might have been before I knew him. I did his most recent tour in 2016. I'm not sure if we did Norway. We did Finland and Denmark only I think.

Who is the next comedian that is gonna be huge over there?

There's a guy named Leonard Outzs that I think will be big. He's hilarious and extremely lovable

Your on Netflix now…have you noticed any difference in your carreer?

I've noticed a little bump in my career since the netflix half hour. I added some fans but not quite as many as I had hoped. Hopefully they're still triclking in. Things move slowly in this business sometimes.

Sean Patton, Ari Shaffir, Doug Stanhope, Jim Jeffries and a couple of other americans have been over to Ricks and Bergen. Have you heard anything from them and what they experienced when they where here?

I talked to Ari. He loved it. He made me excited to be doing it. I'm looking forward to it because of him.

What do you wanna do when you're here?

I want to just walk around and see some sites and get a feel for what life is like in Bergen. That's pretty much it. Oh and drugs and sex if possible.

You're headlining the show, but your wife beat you in The Roast Battle on Comedy Central - are you a litle bit afraid she's gonna headline here next time you travel over together?

I'd be thrilled to open for my wife! It's less work. She will Be Headlining everywhere soon I think. She's amazing

Can we look forward to a Joe List special soon?

- I hope to have a special come out sometime in the next year or so for sure.

You've been on tour with Ari Shaffir lately, and you've done some shows with Michelle Wolf, and you've also one of the regular support acts for Louis CK - when can we see a Joe List tour, with your wife as support, and maybe also Mark Normand?

I'm always touring but just not on a grand scale like those guys. But I'm out on the road every week headlining clubs in the states. Sarah often opens. Hopefully someday I'll be able to do it on a larger scale. We'll see.

What's the better stand up scene…LA or New York?

I haven't spent a lot of time on the LA comedy scene but I have to stay New York is better. That seems to be the general consensus of comics who have lived in both cities. I love LA but New York has more clubs including the comedy cellar which the best club in the world in my opinion.

Who's the funniest stand up right now?

The funniest stand up is a tough one. There's a lot of great ones and I don't know them all. Rory Scovel is the funniest and most impressive comedian I've seen in a long long time. He's special. As good as it gets. Also my friend Sam Morril. Those are my two favorites right now.

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